Get The Perfect Glacier Shot

Film and photograph on and inside iceland's second largest glacier

Reinforcement statement: Capture the beauty of Langjökull glacier and surrounding areas together with professional guides.

Closing argument: Your crew can venture on the glacier for incredible landscapes or take awe-inspiring shots inside Langjökull ice cave, the world’s largest man-made ice tunnel.

Why choose Langjökull?

  • Biggest man-made ice tunnel in the world – safety and convenient access guaranteed
  • Summer filming opportunities – natural ice caves can only be entered during the winter while Langjökull is available year round
  • Jaw-dropping surroundings – on a clear day, Langjökull offers otherworldly sights of lava fields and dramatic landscapes
  • Incredible close ups – inside Langjökull, you can capture magical shades of blue and ice formations 

Why choose us?

    • Permits and access – we will take care of everything that is necessary to access the glacier and limit public access if needed 
    • Glacier safety – we will ensure the safety of your crew members
    • Planning tips – we will help you anticipate challenges of filming inside a glacier, prepare for them and smoothly execute your vision
    • Transportation and coordination – upon request, we can help you plan out your trip start to finish and safely transport your equipment.
    • General consultation – we can suggest additional filming locations and the best time to visit Iceland based on your vision as well as answer any questions related to Iceland’s wilderness

Other events:

We invite you to organize personal celebrations and events at Langjökull. Do not hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for a unique location for your:

      • Wedding
      • Concert
      • Birthday
      • Charity or social event
      • Educational initiative
      • Any other occasion you have coming up!

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