Safe Travel

Into the Glacier encourages you to travel safe while in Iceland. We surely want you to get home with nothing but great memories from Iceland.

The Icelandic road conditions can be different to the conditions you are used to at home, with narrower roads, rough gravel roads, icy and snowy roads and even wild animals crossing the main road. Before you begin your travel, please check with for information about how to travel safely in Iceland.

In Iceland the speed limit in populated areas is usually 50 km/hr.
The speed limit is often 60 km/hr on thruways, but in residential areas it is usually only 30 km/hr.
The main rule in rural areas is that gravel roads have a speed limit of 80 km/hr, and paved roads 90 km/hr.
Signs indicate if other speed limits apply.

When you are planning your routs through Iceland please use the Icelandic Road Administation´s website,, to check the conditions on the road you are planning to drive. Some roads, such as road 550, are only suitable for 4×4 vehicles and are not open until late in summer. In order to catch your tour on time, please study how to drive to Húsafell and Klaki base camp as some roads you are planning to drive may be closed.


COVID-19 information

In order to assure your safety, we follow all the guidelines and recommendations provided by the Icelandic government. To keep up to date with all the COVID-19 regulations in Iceland, check the official page.