About into the glacier

Into the Glacier is a tour operator, offering access to the largest ice tunnel in the world. The ice tunnel and the caves are located high on Iceland‘s second-largest glacier, Langjökull, where you will have an amazing opportunity to explore the glacier and see it from the inside. To journey inside one of Iceland’s frozen giants is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Langjokull Glacier in Iceland

Langjökull (the Long Glacier) is the second largest in Iceland. It coverns an area of about 950 km² and most of it rises between 1200 and 1300 m above sea level. It rests on a massif of hyaloclastite mountains.
The southwestern part of the ice cap is called Geitlandsjökull, which rises to an elevation of 1400 metres. To the south of Geitlandsjökull and separated from the main ice cap, is the smaller (1350 m) Þórisjökull, which sits atop an irregular table mountain. According to legend, it was named after the troll Þórir, who lived in a green valley in the pass between the two glaciers.
On a clear day, the view from atop Langjökull is magnificent.


The Story

Until now, what lay beneath the surface of the Langjökull glacier, had been a mystery, known only by a small group of scientists and glaciologists. In 2010 however, Baldvin Einarsson and Hallgrimur Örn Arngrímsson had a bold and daring vision, to take people not just around and onto the glacier, but also inside the heart of the remote and extraordinary ice cap, to see the magnificent “blue ice” which is buried deep beneath the surface. With this bold vision in mind, top engineers and renowned geo physicist Ari Trausti Guðmundsson, began studying, planning, modelling and carefully preparing for construction. Perhaps against the odds, what started as a dream, rapidly became a reality, as passion, energy, enthusiasm and drive, combined with science, engineering, finance and political support, making it possible to shape the first and biggest man-made ice cap glacier ice cave.

Who are We?

We are the people who got the crazy idea of drilling a tunnel into a glacier and actually made it happen! We want to give people the chance to experience this amazing natural wonder and see the Langjökull glacier from the inside. Learn, feel and absorb the ice, taking home memories that are truly out of this world!