Environmental Policy

We work with nature. Nature is our work. It is our world.
Into the Glacier recognises its environmental responsibility and works to a high standard to protect the environment and nature.


Respecting Nature

Into the Glacier recycles all waste accumulated on Langjökull, at the Klaki Base Camp, and in our Reykjavík headquarters, and we encourage all our guests to do the same throughout their stay in Iceland.


Saving the glacier with the Iceland Carbon Fund

The preservation of nature and prevention of environmental damage is important to us. It is a sad fact that Iceland’s glaciers are melting as a result of global warming; Langjökull glacier is shrinking rather rapidly. Calculations tell us that Langjökull glacier — which is currently an astounding m3 in volume — will sadly disappear in about 80-120 years.
We strive for our operations to be as eco-friendly as possible and with your help we can do even better. As a guest of Into the Glacier, we invite you to help counteract the negative effects of climate change an offset part of your carbon footprint in Iceland by donating ISK 500 (approx. USD 4) to plant a tree in Húsafell. Your tree will be planted in the Kolviður forest, a planting area dedicated to offsetting We offer our guests to help us to counteract this development and help save the glacier. We offer our guests to take responsibility of their transportation up to the glacier and back, by carbon offsetting the accumulation of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.


The Iceland Carbon Fund - Kolvidur

Into The Glacier is a dedicated member of the Iceland Carbon Fund. The mission of the Kolvidur Fund is first and foremost to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the athmosphere by increasing the carbon sequestration of forest ecosystems and to increase public awareness in regard to greenhouse gas emissions. Success is achieved by making it possible for individual parties to take responsibility for their own emissions and respond to negative effects by tangible means.

The founders of the fund are the Icelandic Forestry Association (Skógræktarfélag Íslands) and the Icelandic Environment Association (Landvernd). The Fund was established with the support of the Government of Iceland.

Read more about the Iceland Carbon Fund.



Every year, Into the Glacier plants around 5000 trees in an effort to minimise the carbon footprint of our
daily operations. We plant in an area identified by the Icelandic forestry association as in need of
We would be honoured to plant a tree in your name. Together we can help our planet – and glaciers –
cope with our collective carbon emissions.