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Into the Glacier Classic Tour

Join Into the Glacier classic tour from Husafell for an adventure that will lead you to the untouched beauty and raw nature of Langjokull, Iceland’s second-largest glacier. Enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime as we journey up the white slopes and go deep inside the man-made ice tunnels leading to the blue heart of the glacier.

We will ride in modified glacier vehicles specially made to explore the glacier environment and enjoy the view as we drive on top of the ice cap. Our experienced guides will lead the way and make sure that everyone is both enjoying themselves and learning the basics of glacier knowledge.

Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime trip and explore the rare sights both on top of Langjokull glacier and inside the ice tunnels. Book your Into the Glacier adventure today.

3-4 hours
Departs from Húsafell Center or Klaki
Price from
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10% off

Into the Glacier from Reykjavik

10% dscounts work for travel time in May 29th- June 30th, 2024.

The Ice Cave Classic is an amazing opportunity to see the Langjökull glacier ice cap and explore what lies below. It’s a once in a lifetime experience where you descend into the glacier´s icy netherworld, as well as explore the nearby lava fields, glacier landscapes, and amazing waterfalls.

We depart early from Reykjavík city and get the crisp morning view of our destination, the Langjökull Glacier. Langjökull is 953 sq/km, making it the second-largest glacier in the country.

Should you have any questions during the tour you can ask the host who will happily assist you. Onboard you will also find a USB Charger and free wifi.

To get to the man-made Ice tunnel and caves, located high up in a remote area of the glacier, we ride in a huge specially modified truck. Before you know it you find yourself standing on top of a vast ice cap, ready to descend into the glacier and explore its icy netherworld. Your glacier guide will take you on an amazing journey, deep within the glacier where you can see the stunning blue-hued ice.

We have lunch in Húsafell before we continue our tour of the Borgarfjörður valley and head to Hraunfossar, a beautiful lava waterfall almost a mile long gushing through a wall of lava.

11 hours
Price from