Ice Cave and Super Jeep Tour

Travel from Reykjavik and Visit Waterfalls

Super Jeep and Ice Tunnel tour invites you to ride in a Super Jeep on Iceland’s second largest glacier, Langjökull, and explore the ice cap from inside! Enjoy a scenic mid-day drive from Reykjavík to the west of Iceland driving through Hvalfjörður (Whalefjord) tunnel to the majestic Hraunfossar and Barnafoss waterfalls.

You will experience the stunning glacier view, feel the rumble of oversized tires crawling along the snowy slopes and finally descend into the ice tunnels deep in the glacier ice cap. Afterwards we will bring you back to the comfort of your hotel / guesthouse.

  • Tour Duration


    9 hours

  • Tour Departure


    Departs from Reykjavík

  • Tour Price

    Price from


Pick up at your hotel/guesthouse between 11:30 and 12:30.

  1. Stop at Hraunfossar waterfalls on the way to Langjokull Glacier
  2. Lunch stop in Husafell at Hotel Husafell or Húsafell Bistro (lunch not included)
  3. Into The Glacier tour with English speaking guide for one hour
  4. A visit to Krauma spa (admission fee not included)
  5. Kaldidalur Highland Track (depending on road condition and accessibility)
  6. Arrive back in Reykjavik in the evening
  1. Hotel/Guesthouse pick up
  2. Super Jeep rides from Reykjavik and all the way up to the ice tunnels
  3. Snowsuits and overshoes are available at our reception in Húsafell
  4. Entrance Into The Glacier
  5. English speaking guides
  6. Stops at attractions on the way to the glacier and on the way back

MANDATORY: WARM CLOTHING – even in summer, don´t forget it’s a glacier!
Recommended clothing and equipment:

  1. Waterproof shoes and warm socks. Because cold toes just take away all the fun!
  2. Base and mid layer clothing
  3. Waterproof and warm coat
  4. Hat & gloves - easy to take off.
  5. Sunglasses - The glacier reflects high amounts of sunlight.
  6. Camera - for those indescribable moments - We love to see your good time in Langjokull – please share! #intotheglacier

Booking Inquiry


Please be ready for your pick up at 11:30. A Super Jeep will stop in front of your hotel. Please be ready at your pick-up location as the driver may not be able to look for you at the pick-up location.

Note that the length of the tour is depended on weather and conditions on the glacier. The 9-hour tour may be shorter or longer, depending on condition. There is a minimum of 4 persons is needed to operate the tour.

Please be advised that the Northern lights are a natural phenomenon and sightings can not be guaranteed. Northern Lights season runs from mid-September to April.

Terms & conditions

Please note that the length of the tour is dependent on conditions on the glacier road and weather.
The tour might be shorter or longer than the estimated length of the tour.

  • We reserve the right to change the itinerary and the mode of transport/cancel the trip, according to weather or road conditions, or circumstances beyond our control.
  • Please note that there is a minimum of 4 guests needed to operate the tour.
  • Children and teenagers are charged as adults.