Carbon Neutral your travelsSave the Glaciers

Carbon Neutral your travelsSave the Glaciers

Into the Glacier is aware of the Global Warming. In only few decades, most of Earth´s Glaciers will melt due to rising temperatures. Help fight back the Global Warming and carbon neutral your tour and travels in Iceland.

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    From 500 ISK / 4 EUR / 4 USD

  1. Donate few bucks to help us fight global warming.
  2. 100% of your donation will go into planting more trees in Iceland.
  3. Kolvidur - Carbon Neutral fund will plant trees for your donation.
  1. Carbon neutral your tour and travels and Kolvidur project will plant trees to offset your carbon footprint.


Into the Glacier encourages all our guests to be aware of their carbon footprint. The glaciers all over the world are melting, and that fast. If we do not stop the rapid rising temperatures on Earth, most glaciers will melt in only few decades. Help us help the glaciers by planting more trees.

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Kolvidur Project

Into the Glacier is an official partner with Kolvidur – Carbon Neutral Fund.

Your donation goes 100% to the Kolvidur – Carbon Neutral Fund. Kolvidur will plant trees in Iceland to tie the carbon in the atmosphere.