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Sustainability In Focus: Un Deputy

Secretary-general Tours Into The Glacier

December 15, 2023

We’re excited to announce the visit of Amina Mohammed, the fifth Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, to Into the Glacier. This significant event emphasizes the urgency of addressing climate change and its impact on our treasured natural wonders. 

Joined by the esteemed Icelandic geologist Ari Trausti, the purpose of her visit was to delve into the profound effects of climate change on glaciers. Her journey through the icy corridors highlights the challenges we face and inspires hope for continued efforts to protect our environment.

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Story behind Into the Glacier

Into the Glacier, carved deep within Iceland’s Langjökull glacier, serves as both a remarkable achievement of human engineering and a reminder of our planet’s vulnerability to climate change. Due to the constant pressure, the tunnel caves in at different places, requiring continuous maintenance and digging. Created a decade ago, the tunnel was initially projected to have a lifespan of merely 10 years. However, against all odds, It continues to stand, though the challenges posed by time and climate are evident.

What was happening during this exclusive visit?

During her visit, Amina Mohammed expressed both admiration and concern. She was particularly intrigued by the tunnel’s varying widths and its maintenance challenges. While she was deeply impressed with the glacier’s beauty and significance, the ice’s rapid melting was a stark reminder of the challenges our planet faces. Navigating her through this journey was our glacier guide, Kristinn Elí Gunnarsson, who passionately shared the story of the tunnel and the glacier. His emphasis on sustainability and the need for global action resonated deeply with Amina Mohammed.

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Why is this visit important?

Amina Mohammed’s commitment to the cause was evident as she pledged to carry the knowledge and insights gained from her visit directly to the United Nations Headquarters. She emphasized the need for more influential figures to visit and witness the effects of climate change firsthand. The visit underscores the importance of collective responsibility in addressing the pressing issue of global warming and the need for immediate action to preserve our natural treasures for future generations.

two women smiling and holding a book

How can you become a part of our mission?

Join us in our mission to emphasize the significance of sustainability. Experience firsthand the breathtaking beauty of Into the Glacier and understand the urgent need for action. Your visit not only supports our cause but also empowers you with knowledge. Be a part of the solution and witness the delicate balance of our planet’s wonders.